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Welcome to the
future of living
The first solution for management companies promoted by residents. We make it so that the residents do not talk about the problems, but play in them.
Managing access to the building and common areas on one screen
Access control both to the apartment and to the communal space and courtyard, including the passage of transport.
Booking public places in the app
Managing the booking of common areas in a residential complex — coworking spaces, swimming pool, kitchen, etc. with a schedule.
Navigation & information via QR codes and AR
Quick access to information and infrastructure management via QR codes and augmented reality.
Order a pass through the app
Quick order of a pass for guests in the app without waiting and searching for third parties.
Notification when a seat is available
When the space that you expect is available, we will notify you or offer you the first free slot in time.
Marketplace of goods and services in one application
Built-in aggregator of goods and services for the home with convenient delivery.
Thinking. Single. Simple. Usefull. Understandable
NPS 75+ is real
Reward your residents
We have developed a special DOM program for residents where you can thank residents with points and solve problems more successfully.
Single solution
Manage your home through a single interface.
All tasks are always under control, you will not miss more than one appeal.
Domestiq Marketplace
Give residents the opportunity to find services near you and get even more points, discounts and rewards.
Residents’ honor board, residents are proud of their home
Residents have the opportunity to share their successes and merits in social networks.
Request a demo and a member of the Domestic team will be in touch.
We won’t disturb your tenants
We will help digitize every step of interaction with the resident in a playful way.
We will help you achieve comfort and quality of life together